Watercolour Wedding Suite

The inspiration for this summer wedding invitation came from abtract paintings that the bride creates. Instead of acylic, the medium she normally works with, we developed custom gradients in watercolours, based on a pre-defined colour palette to set the tone for a modern, very individual set of invitations that were intended to reflect the couple’s aesthetic. Minimal typography and lots of white rounded off the design. A pared-down signet was another unifier across the various elements of the set.

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Gamesload Loyalty Program

Conception, visual development and creative execution of a loyalty program for the newly relaunched Gamesload website. The scope included developing a system of points and rewards, creating corresponding visual elements like badges and status symbols as well as a personal dashboard, with the goal being to inspire users to increase their activity, thereby increasing their status and earning them cash points.


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Packaging Design / Bodycare product range

Art direction for a range of bath and body products aimed at a female audience between 17 and 30. The scope included creating both a design language as well as a packaging concept. Two solutions were developed in response to the brief: one using individual colour palettes with typography to express each product’s mood and a second more minimal route, using abstract shapes associated with the fragrance of each product and metallic foil blocking to create an interesting texture, based on the play of light
on the product.

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Joyful Mama

In developing this corporate identity for a midwife, I wanted to avoid the usual associations with pregnancy and bring in a more playful, modern character. The mixed type references both the mother’s belly and the child-to-come, as does the colours combination.

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Mercedes-Benz AMG / Bang & Olufsen Focus on Sound Webspecial

Art direction for a webspecial that showcases the customized Bang & Olufsen sound systems available in select Mercedes-Benz models. The concept ‘Focus on Sound’ was interpreted in the form of a cinematic journey through an abstract space reminiscent of a concert hall. A custom soundtrack was created based on the specific sound systems that were showcased and this in turn influenced the storyboard and film sequence. My contribution included developing the visual landscape, casting and coordinating the photoshoot and supervising the creation of the 3D film.

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Silver Arrows iPad App

This app for the Silver Arrows team tracks their journey through the race season with combining news and information from the AMG F1 website with exclusive behind-the-scenes content and insights. Large typography and imagery straight from the action aim to convey the visceral excitement that characterizes this sport, in an editorial format that is extremely interactive. Each feature can be explored differently, giving the user flexibility to consume as much or as little as he chooses.


Mixed Tape Music

The re-design of the Mixed Tape blog and music player as a result of its integration into the mb! magazine required a conceptual approach in how the content would be presented to longtime fans. The biggest change was the switch to a pop-up player, to ensure that switching pages or websites would not interrupt the listening experience. The player itself went through several iterations before the final, minimalist design was arrived at.

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Futurzwei Stiftung

The Futurzwei Stiftung engages with new manners of social interactions with a focus on a more sustainable future. This pitch explored ways of presenting an archive of projects in an engaging manner, with the user actively participating with the website rather than just passively consuming. One of the many visual routes developed was based on an aggregator model, pulling the multi-format stories from other previously reported sources and presenting them within the design framework. We did not win this pitch and so the project remained undeveloped.



Photographer Kirsten Becken invited me to participate in her collaborative project P L A I N, where she asked a group of designers and artists to interact with an image shot by her. I was inspired by traditional forms of face decorations people use to create and project different identities. The principal influences were tribal paintings and clown costume make-up. The result is a hodge-podge that allows the viewer personal freedom to interpret the decorated face.

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