Mercedes-Benz AMG / Bang & Olufsen Focus on Sound Webspecial

A webspecial to showcase the customized Bang and Olufsen sound systems available in select Mercedes-Benz models. The concept ‘Focus on Sound’ was interpreted in the form of a cinematic journey through a space reminiscent of a concert hall.
The user encounters musicians in combination with specific Mercedes-Benz vehicles along with pertinent product information. My contribution included developing the visual landscape, coordinating the photoshooting and supervising the creation of the 3D film.


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Silver Arrows iPad App

Follow the Silver Arrows team on their journey through the race season with this free app, which combines news and information from the AMG F1 website with exclusive behind-the-scenes content and insights. Typography and imagery straight from the action aim to convey the visceral excitement that characterizes this sport.


Mixed Tape Music

The re-design of the Mixed Tape blog and music player as a result of its integration into the mb! magazine required a conceptual approach in how the content would be presented to longtime fans. The biggest change was the switch to a pop-up player, to ensure that switching pages or websites would not interrupt the listening experience. The player itself went through several design iterations before the present, minimalist design was arrived at.

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Mercedes AMG Petronas Website Re-design

For the relaunch of the Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One website, I worked alongside an Art Director in creating a new look and developing several of the elements. The focus was to improve user navigation and increase involvement and thiswas achieved by integrating a fan section and social media modules as well as restructuring the old website.

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Futurzwei Stiftung

The Futurzwei Stiftung engages with new manners of social interactions with a view to a more sustainable future. Amongst others, they have an archive of stories of individuals who have developed projects with a similar focus and the brief was to develop an engaging way of communicating these stories, with the user actively participating with the website rather than just passively consuming. One of the many visual routes developed based itself on the fact that these stories have already been reported on in different media, and that the ‘version’ found on this website is an amalgamation of these various reports. Unfortunately, we did not win this pitch and so it wasn’t developed further.


We are Flaunt

Flaunt is a brand I developed to market earrings that I design and handcraft. I have always been interested in exploring new identities for objects that are seen to have fulfilled their basic purpose and the result was Flaunt: a celebration of individuality and the quirky. It lives by the motto ‘Reduce, Reuse, Rejoice!’

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Photographer Kirsten Becken very kindly invited me to participate in her collaborative project P L A I N, where a group of designers and artists receive an image that she shot and are asked to interact with it. My inspiration was traditional forms of face decorations people use to create and project different identities. The principal influences were tribal paintings and clown costume make-up and the result is a hodge-podge that allows the viewer the freedom to interpret the decorated face in a manner of his own personal interpretation.

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Brauhaus Goldener Engel

The logo for this modern brewery in Ingelheim, Germany features a little typographic twist, whereby the words ‘Goldener’ and ‘Engel’ were fused into a hybrid by eliminating the repeating ‘en’ that they both feature. The colours chosen are also reflected in the brewery’s name.


Urban Etiquette

My final BA project, Urban Etiquette was a continuation of my interest in identity and its manifestations. An archive of courtesy and manners relevant to life in contemporary London, it targets both young people on the threshold of stepping into the adult world as well as those unfamiliar with the city and its cultural, offering the possibility of being scaled into an archive of codes of conduct in different global locations.

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Coffee Circle

The concept for the website for this Berlin startup was to present the product – coffee – against the backdrop of Ethopia, where it is purchased directly from farmers. Large-scale images were used to create an emotional and tangible link to the product and the social business model it stands for.  Owing to the distance between Frankfurt and Berlin, the design was further developed by a designer in Berlin.
(This was a concept presentation and all images seen are sourced from Google)